● I the parent/caregiver hereby give consent for my child (whose name appears on this Registration Form) to attend the Ethos Academy Sports

Holiday Programme.

● I understand that it is my responsibility to fully and adequately enquire of, and to disclose to Ethos Academy staff, any circumstances that could affect my child’s safety or any activities I do not wish my child to participate in.

● I understand that enrollment will not be confirmed until all outstanding fees are paid.

● I understand that some activities involve a risk of personal injury and/or property damage, and although Ethos Academy staff will take all reasonable care, they will not be responsible for any accident/loss or injury suffered by my child during the course of the holidays programme.

● I hereby authorise the staff at Ethos Academy to organise medical or hospital treatment as they see necessary, at my expense.

● Police vetting is required for all staff and managers directly employed in Ethos Academy and for all who have access to my child’s information. This includes staff on site such as coordinators, caretakers, administration and equipment setup staff.

● I agree that if my child is not complying with Ethos Academy rules or are behaving inappropriately, I will be contacted for the collection of that child.

● I understand that all fees must be paid within 14 days of registration or 3 days before the program starts, whichever is sooner. All registration fees are non-refundable.

● I will complete the sign in/out sheet upon arrival and collection of my child.

● I consent to my child being photographed for the purposes of marketing Ethos Academy camps in the future or for use in other advertising and marketing including, but not limited to, Ethos Academy social media and Ethos Academy websites. All photographs soley of your child can be requested. All photographs will be of an appropriate nature.

● I will advise Ethos Academy Staff in writing if my child is to be collected by any other person other than those listed on the registration form.

● Late penalty fees: The programme is not authorised to care for your child outside of programme opening hours. Late pickups past our extended hours will incur an additional penalty fee of $1 per minute after 5:30pm.

● I understand that the Ethos Academy Programme retains the right to change or substitute activities when required.