Why use Sports

as a way to teach Values?

 A Sports School Holiday programme would typically focus on one sport and a specific set of skills to teach kids to better at that sport. And that is fine.

 At Ethos, we see it a little differently. Firstly not only do kids benefit from learning multiple sporting skills from various sports (just ask any professional rugby player who used to play football)and secondly using the example of sports helps sport-mad kids make links to other concepts such as Values.

Trying to teach the importance of values to a group of kids may not always get traction, make it relevant to a subject they love (such as sports) and you are going to get results.

 This is not just a theory. For example in our own camps we see the development of kids through the week. That is to say their understanding and practice of the Values being taught is clear in their behaviour, the way they play sport and in how they talk to each other.

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It’s not just us who think this way, see below for like minded academics:


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